Skincare FAVES | ☀️day & 🌙night

My go-to skin care routine consists of these Korean skin care products by OHUI | The First line. I use “The First Cell Revolution” line which consists of nutrient-rich cell culture ingredients that help restore balance in my skin, maintain the balance, nourish, and rejuvenate healthy skin. It’s pretty pricey but goes a long way before you run out and have to restock again. My favorite skin care products are Korean brands not only because I’ve been using them forever but because they are really big on anti-aging ingredients that are especially accommodating to Asian skin which can tend to be more thin or sensitive. These are what I like to call TLC in bottles! OHUI.JPG

  • The First Cell Revolution Skin Softener
  • The First Cell Revolution Emulsion
  • The First Cell Revolution Essence
  • The First Cell Revolution Cell Source

5 thoughts on “Skincare FAVES | ☀️day & 🌙night

    1. Hi doll! I usually purchase my Kbeauty products from Korea, but I believe sells OHUI products as well as some Korean beauty boutiques in LA. Good luck!!

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