PRO TIP: Color Correcting

Happy Tuesday dolls!

I wanted to talk about color correcting and how to target uneven skin complexion using specific makeup products. I wanted to share some of my favorite color correcting products and some new ones I picked up that I have been liking so far. My oldie but goodie products are by Make Up Forever: Camouflage Cream Palettes and (new) HD concealers – I’ve been a big fan of their products and love how they are always coming out with newer and better formulas across the board for makeup so they are just some of my holy grail brands I stand behind and love. Another color correcting product I have always used in the past and just started up using on my clients again is the Bobbi Brown corrector pots. These two brands I definitely don’t mind spending the money on to stock for my kit and use on my clients. Especially for this area of correcting uneven skin tones, they have stayed consistent in the products they came out with.

Some newer items I have been trying out are the Smashbox color correcting sticks. I have the contour sticks and really loved them so decided to pick up these creamy sticks again, but in the color correcting shades. These particular sticks can be used wet or dry and are just a dream to blend into the skin. I used them for my last photoshoot on my model who needed some evening out in the skin and they were very easy to use for application and for blending.

I have heard some good things about the Urban Decay Color Correcting fluids so I would be open to try out some more new ones. Let me know if you have tried it out!

PRO TIPS: Color Correcting is used for evening out skin tone and neutralizing discoloration. You can use color correcting concealers/products to brighten up under eyes/discoloration, whether it be dark circles, redness, or even blemishes and acne.

Pick the right color for the application: red with green (green helps reduce redness), yellow with purple (lavender or purple lightens and brightens sallowness and yellow areas), and blue with orange (peach/orange shades help brighten and cancel out dark areas on the face as well as redness like Rosacea)

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

  • MAKE UP FOREVER Camouflage Cream Palette in No. 3 & 4
  • SMASHBOX Color Correcting Stick in Get Less Red & Look Less Tired – Light
  • BOBBI BROWN Corrector in Dark Peach

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