🌙 Bedtime skincare products

Happy almost Friday beauties!

Tonight, I’m sharing my bedtime skincare products on my Instagram: @beautybyryulala.

I am a BIG fan of cleansers that make my face feel super clean after face wash. I cannot stand the oily or sticky feeling of cleansers that feel like it’s still on the face. The Origins cleanser is one of my faves because of the way it feels during the wash and after. I always apply a toner following my face wash, whether it’s the spritzing kind or one that you use with a cotton pad, I won’t ever skip this step. Toner is what preps your skin for moisturizing so especially at nighttime, when your skin can take all the moisture in from great products, I love the feeling of how hydrating my skin feels. Don’t forget specialty creams! Not all moisturizers are for eye areas so it’s important to get a specific kind of moisturizer/cream for your eyes.

Hope you all have a good night’s rest tonight!




Sunday morning skincare 

Happy Sunday morning beauties!

It’s quite gloomy today and yesterday, typical off-season weekend in SoCal 🙃 I’m sharing my morning skincare essentials on my IG @beautybyryulala today! I never go without a sunscreen on top of my moisturizer and before applying makeup. I heard SuperGoop has a makeup setting spray that also works as a sunscreen with SPF 50. I’m debating whether to try the 1 oz. bottle just to see how it works. Please let me know if you have tried it! I would love to hear feedback. Another few products I love to use in the morning is a Vitamin C serum and a good eye cream. It’s a great way to wake up your skin with a brightening agent and soothing eye cream to moisturize. Of course can’t leave out one of my fave toning mist. I love spritzing this on after face wash to tone and prep the skin for moisturizers and makeup application. 

Don’t forget to give your skin some TLC over the weekend, morning and nighttime. Drink lots of water to help hydrate, get good sleep, use great products to help reinvigorate your skin and especially help maintain it!

Have a great rest of your weekend, dolls!

  • Coola Classic Sunscreen SPF 30 in Cucumber scent
  • MyChelle Perfect Perfect C Serum
  • MyChelle Fabulous Eye Cream
  • Caudalíe Beauty Elixir

Sunday night mask treatment

Hello beauties! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

I wanted to share a great mask treatment I’ve been using and have been absolutely loving! The Glamglow Youthmud mask treatment is a great mask I like to use when I feel like I need to detox. Glamglow has amazing masks and I have yet to try all of them, but I am a big lover of clay masks. As an Esthetician, I learned so much about different skincare treatments and especially loved the different types of treatments that came in mask forms. I love the fact that there are so many great natural ingredients that benefit the skin. I love clay masks because they target drawing out impurities from your skin so I usually like to call it my detox treatment.

This particular Glamglow mask treatment has three main ingredients: 1.volcanic pumice rock which acts as the exfoliant, 2. french sea clay which helps absorbs impurities, 3. teaoxi green tea leaf which has antioxidants that help boost the skin with a great glow. I like to apply this lightly over my face with my face brush that I use just for skincare masks and then wash off after about 15 minutes. My face feels amazingly soft afterwards, which is a fabulous feeling! Talk about giving yourself a facial at home! This has become one of my favorite masks for sure. I would highly recommend this product if you haven’t tried it yet, but please be cautious if you have very sensitive skin.

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  • GLAMGLOW in Youthmud

🌙Nighttime Skincare Essentials

Hi dolls!

I’m sharing my nighttime skincare products on my Instagram tonight: @beautybyryulala

I absolutely love these brands and they are definitely some of my favorite products, especially since they are all natural, gentle ingredients. It doesn’t get any better than that for your skin!

I have been loving the Boscia Clear Complexion Cleanser because of how gentle it is and helps me maintain clear skin, but I especially like using it “Flo” comes into town (my time of the month) 🙃 and my skin needs a little tlc. Some months my skin feels more oilier than other months so this is a great cleanser I use during that time. 👌🏼

The Caudalie Beauty Elixir and Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré are my oldies but goodies and my go-to faves! I love spritzing the beauty elixir before makeup for a nice priming base and even just as a toner before moisturizer. We all know the Embryolisse moisturizer is my cult fave and I use it on the daily, all seasons, all year long.

Sweet dreams beauties!

Thursday night skincare essentials

Hi friends! Hope you all had a great day today. I’m starting to wind down a bit and preparing for a little TLC for my skin tonight, but targeting my eyes. I haven’t been getting the best sleep and waking up extra tired and it’s been obvious on my under eye areas.

I’m using all sample products I got when I was in Asia (Korea and Taiwan). I came back with a goodie bag full of fun samples to use so I’m having some fun trying out some new things here and there. So tonight, I’m using a hyaluronic acid, hydrating and brightening eye mask for my tired eyes (Lord knows I need these bad boys), a Toner/Essence, a serum, and a gel cream (These three products all have Bulgarian Rose oil and other natural ingredients that help hydrate, tighten, and restore radiance in the skin!). Hopefully a little TLC for my tired face will help me prepare for the weekend!

Have a lovely night, beauties!



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  • CONI Infinity Hydra Hyaluronan Moisture & Firming Eye Mask (from Taiwan)
  • ISOI Bulgarian Rose Pore Tightening Tonic Essence (from Korea)
  • ISOI Bulgarian Rose Pore Tightening Corset Serum (from Korea)
  • ISOI Bulgarian Rose Pore Tightening Fresh Gell Cream (from Korea)

Skincare FAVES | ☀️day & ğŸŒ™night

My go-to skin care routine consists of these Korean skin care products by OHUI | The First line. I use “The First Cell Revolution” line which consists of nutrient-rich cell culture ingredients that help restore balance in my skin, maintain the balance, nourish, and rejuvenate healthy skin. It’s pretty pricey but goes a long way before you run out and have to restock again. My favorite skin care products are Korean brands not only because I’ve been using them forever but because they are really big on anti-aging ingredients that are especially accommodating to Asian skin which can tend to be more thin or sensitive. These are what I like to call TLC in bottles! OHUI.JPG

  • The First Cell Revolution Skin Softener
  • The First Cell Revolution Emulsion
  • The First Cell Revolution Essence
  • The First Cell Revolution Cell Source

Sunday Look

Happy Sunday beauties!

I went for a light and dewy makeup look today. Here are some of the products I used today:

  • MAC Cosmetics Face and Body Foundation in C4
  • Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF 50
  • Jo Malone London Cologne in Nectarine Blossom & Honey

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    My face is still pretty dry during this season and I’ve been leaning more and more towards a dewy makeup finish which helps me feel moisturized the whole day. I always use a moisturizer with SPF before foundation application but whenever I use MAC Face and Body or a tinted moisturizer, I’ll reach for my Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF 50. The formula is a little thicker than my usual Coola moisturizer SPF 30 but since the Face and Body is a super lightweight, water base formula, I like to ensure sunscreen is applied heavily underneath. I’m currently running low so I’m looking to either restock or use a new sunscreen. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

    I also brought out my Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Sticks to bronze, contour, and highlight my face. I love that these crayon-like sticks are so smooth in formula which helps make an easy application and a little goes a long way. Just dab or make dots and blend away!

    For a light, sweet, floral scent, I spritz on my Jo Malone cologne in Nectarine Blossom & Honey. I love, love~ this scent!

    Hope you beauties have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you again soon.




    Sheet Mask o’clock

    My face has been dry and tired from lack of sleep during this cold ❄ season and in need of some extra TLC. I have been loving the Aloe mineral mask for hydration and this has been one of my favorite masks when I need extra moisture. I also finally tried out the @sephora Pearl mask and loved it! Pearl enriched masks are known to brighten and perfect skintone so a must-try if you haven’t yet! Sephora has a great variety of face sheet masks at $6.
    A few new ones I’m trying out are the @tonymolyus Propolis mask and Pureness 100 pearl mask to brighten and soothe stressed skin. You can find these online at $2 each. I usually stock up when I visit Korea but love that I can order online now. I like to find a good sheet mask for what my skin needs in the moment so I can detox, de-stress, and refresh my face!

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